Sunday, March 14, 2010


Critical Literary Analysis on the Essay One Man’s Kids by Daniel Meier
Analyzed by Reynard Tubid

“There is consolation in teaching Profession.”

The essay which I read follows the type of a feature essay. The author represented the character in the story by stating all the detailed words and descriptions to identify the nature of the main character. It contained several facts about teaching as a rewarding profession. The facts were placed inside the story in order to make it real and possible. Of course, it can be testified because it was based in the real experience and passion of the character conveyed by the teacher. The character clearly stated the encounter he has with the children. His person was being shaped the way he shared his wisdom to the children. He said in the story, “My energy is spent in encouraging, supporting, consoling, and praising my children. In teaching, the inner rewards come from without. Indeed the teaching career was the most unique profession. The teacher does not work just to earn money but he was teaching to deposit ideas and to edify the values of the children to whom he owe his whole life. The reader draws inference and fined the meaning in the happening contains in the story. Since the author used the speculative type of approach, the readers would eventually grasp the point by simply reading and looking the description that composed the author’s personality. It did not follow through an essay that is argumentative, it is more on informative. It was informative in a sense that the author used several realities that informed the readers. It contained important points to ponder on and facts that were achievable. It conveyed ideas of what a teacher was and will be. Somehow the supporting details and important descriptions about the character helped me in formulating my own theme. For me, “teaching career is very rewarding for it helps the teacher find consolation among his students,” in formulating this theme I learned how it was to become a reader in my own right. The tone of the essay affects me for it opened my senses in imagining and taking notes from the story. The author used calm, expressive and attainable. The essay figured out the tone of the author and featured the positive side of the character. The author caught the attention of the readers by using simple analogy and a reality based- experience. The description used fits the personality of the one reading and the author who wrote the story. As a student I learn how to value education because my teacher made everything just to infuse the knowledge and the importance of education in me. Every time I go for school my teacher serves not only as a mentor but a guardian in action. My incomplete learnings at home is developed and enhanced when I engage myself actively in school. The teachers are more than our parents. They shape competitive minds, develop attitudes and most especially willing to correct the students whenever they are involved in trouble. Indeed the story is very important for the growth of the students. Once the reader starts to read the beginning sentence he will intend to continue reading it until he reaches the summit of the point the story would like to stress. Our education is like a flower that blossoms with very attractive petals. The more sunlight strikes into it the beautiful it becomes. Likewise in education the more learnings and ideas we have the more successful we become.

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