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“Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of the Catechists”

“Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of the Catechists”
By: Reynard Tubid

The Jaro Archdiocesan Commission on Catechetics and Catholic Education, in line with the theme: Faithfulness of Christ, Faithfulness of Cathechists conducted a Catechetical Awareness Month last October 10, 2009 at 8:30 in the morning, held at the Jaro Gymnasium. The activity was attended by the catechists coming from 14 vicariates in the archdiocese. At the opening of the celebration, Rev. Msgr. Ramon Pet, Chairman of ACCCE gave his welcome address by recalling the previous gathering with the theme: Ignorance of the Scripture is Ignorance of Christ. He reiterated that reading the bible helps us know Christ more deeply as we grow in our Christian life. He added, that a person could only be called as Christian as long as he reads the bible constantly and has lived its message.

After the opening remarks of Msgr. Pet, the enthronement of the bible had followed. A deep silence was observed and the congregation praised God by committing themselves to the word made flesh. The activity served as a venue for them to relish their experiences as the disciples of Christ . It was a real encounter between them and their God. Rev. Fr. Elmo Cary Montano, chairman of the Jaro Archdiocesan Commission on Biblical Apostolate, imparted his message regarding the importance of reading the word of God and how to generously parcel it to others. He encouraged the catechists to secure a Bible in their home. This will help them familiarize the nature of Jesus as a savior and mediator of the harmonious relationship in the family as a domestic church.

In order, to give them a more vivid overview regarding this matter, Rev. Fr. Rey Zerrudo, Licentiate in Sacred Scripture explicate to them the literary styles on how to input the word of God by integrating it in the analogy of faith. He tackled that the essence of the word of God is not attain by means of memorization but rather achieve by placing the word of God in our actions. Fr. Rey Zerrudo, inspired the Catechists by leaving this message: “let us convey the love of the risen Christ, so that we may live. Everybody participated attentively and listed down the important points that will serve as their active response in the call of service. Majority of them enjoyed the humorous approach of the details and they found it interesting. Almost all realized that in sharing the word of God they must avoid following the traditional way of lecture; instead the efficacy of the learnings develop by integrating their own stories in the process of lecture. After the talk, a short open forum followed.

Since the talk lasted for an hour, some of the participants found it already boring. So, the youth of the Jaro Cathedral rendered an energizer in the form of dance. The gymnasium was filled with alive and enthusiastic performances not only in the youth but the catechists as well. The Catechists do not only possess the wisdom to spread the good news, they are also good in dancing. They did not only gained the nourishment of the word, they also garnered a showcase of talent.

At exactly 1:30 p.m. the program continued. There was an Inter-Vicarial Bible Quiz. It was very exciting! The quiz was composed of one representative for every vicariate. Each of them were requested to pick a number for their questions. Tension filled the place and everyone was excited for their turn. Questions were based of the Old and New Testament of the Bible. Sad to say, few only were able to answer the question and received their prize. But they were all winners, the game serves as the basis of how far they have gone already with their familiarity regarding the content of the bible. This will help them applied what they have learned and digest the new information. Indeed, it was a noble participation for all.

When the Bible Quiz was over, the students rendered a bibliodrama dance. This entails the message of a journey towards the fullness of life. The process of sharing the gift of the Lord can only be achieved as long as we walk together the journey. The bibliodrama would like to convey the message of taking a responsibility, heartedly. In the middle of the dance there was a reading of the word of God. This content of the reading remind them of the same journey Christ has experienced.

The celebration will not be completed without the Holy Eucharist. The solemn mass was presided by our beloved auxillary bishop, Bishop Gerardo Alminaza together with the concelebrating priests. Bishop Gerry explained to them the faithfulness of Christ, the word made flesh. He guided those who promised themselves to continually spread the news in the name of God. Catechists are in the process of searching for Christ. He remains faithful to their selfless service to the church. Even though, problems impede them in their service, they must trust the Lord and not to lose hope, for in God they will find consolation and affection. We could only see His loving presence, if we remain faithful to Him.

After the post communion prayer, there was a video presentation for the launching of the Bible Campaign. This aspire the awareness of those who do not have their Bible yet. Due to some financial problem of the Filipinos, the Commission on Biblical Apostolate with the participation of the CBCP, decided to distribute the bible in an affordable price. In this endeavor, the chairman of the Commission on Biblical Apostolate promotes the availability of the bible at home. Thus, in supporting this dignified intention we believe that in God’s word we are called to be one.

Though the whole day activities were very tiring, the catechists did not exposed this feeling, instead they remain active and willing to spread the good news of the Lord. Lastly, the aim of this activity is to give them a constant awareness about the scripture as the foundation of the Catholic faith. They were all happy and blessed for the opportunity of gathering them once again to replenish their knowledge about the word of God and its significance to their life as a meek bearer to others.

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