Sunday, March 14, 2010

“From Simplicity to Modernity”

Reynard Tubid

In the Pre-agricultural stage the people were fond of going from one place and another in order to have a trade. The business that happened causes the people to create a close ties between the presence of one another. The trade in its real meaning uses several ways on how to enhance the process of barter, which leads to friendship and familiarity. Through too the much familiarity between the settlers and the traders there are a lot of acquaintances that arise. As the familiarity goes on the capability to make wondrous means is intensified to the level of Pastoralism. The congregation became aware of their involvement in the process of making the trade possible. Pastoralism in its existence motivates people in a certain village to put forth their hands in order to create a productive place with a great number of sustaining goods. The discovery of the artisans becomes visible to all as they do their work with dedication and resiliency. Through the number of years the people evolve into a dynamic country. The ratio of population increases as the quality of works extends. Since the means become accessible already the tendency of a boost in the figure of population becomes bigger. The quantity of the population affects the evolvement of the process from pre-agricultural to agricultural.
There are a lot of characteristics in the concept of each technological revolution. Every revolution has its corresponding impact in the improvement of the settlement. During the agricultural time, the people in the village were using the extensive plow for the production of their agricultural crops. The member of the family gathered as one to lend their hand in working at the farm. This is the manifestation that they join together in order to own the fruits of their labor. Since the farm is so spacious, it requires a lot of laborers to toil in it. Everybody is expected to work in order to have something in their mouth. Their presence is needed for more harvest. This is for the reason that they need to have the food to store. The sustaining power of the family depends in their capacity to work hard. In this particular situation, the harmony of the relationship within the family is apparent and bonded with togetherness. Thus, this will undoubtedly remind them that they must reap what they sow. If they have done the work with the involvement of all, it will bear an abundance of yield. But if only few are working with the vast space of farm there will only be less harvest of crops. The profusion of the labor depends in their way of handling it.
During the agricultural stage the workers make their own tools on how to maintain the claim of the petite advancement in the field of agriculture. The tools they made will be used for the copious production of the field. The access of work runs through the use of the tools. These tools facilitate the development of their work basing it in the number of the harvest every year. The test happens the moment they practice already the use of the tools as an aid to their work.
Their discovery of working with ample vigor guided them to create the possible way to cater their needs. In order to sustain their mode of living, everyone must take the initiative to work and sacrifice and ultimately reap the labor they had searched for. This was the concrete diagram on how the cycle of wage evolves and fulfills its habitual action to give a desirable fruit to the labor of the worker. The village will benefit a lot if continuous action occurs.
The networks of traders widen their horizon to produce more for total development. There are already specialized works that maintain the progress of the Agricultural way of earning an income. As the development goes on the subsistence of the settlement becomes permanent.
After a wide range of discovery in the importance of the agriculture, here comes the progress in the field of industrialization. Our agricultural problem will be solved by industry. A great deal has been said about the rice crisis. Anyone who says a little bit about the subject is liable to add to the confusion. But let me venture on it.
What is interesting about the rice crisis is that it is perennial. It has been with us for a number of decades, and the problem gets increasingly inferior. Many of our farmers, with bit of extra effort, using masagana kind of farming system have been growing palay at levels higher that a hundred cavans per hectare. For quite a few years now we have known what to do to improve productivity. That’s the side of the agricultural development regarding the rice production.
Every step in the production process adds greater value to the product. In today’s present situation of the Philippines the solution to our agricultural predicament is not in Agriculture, it is in jobs in industry. The solution to our rice problem is more and more jobs in industry. The process of industrialization is mainly one of trying to increase one’s capacity for value-adding. The more of the values one can add in the complex of one’s own economy the bigger is the total product of that economy and the greater the amount of income that can be shared by those who participate in the economy. Car assembly is not much. But we are richer by the fact that we add value by assembly in this country. It would be better if we could also use our own raw materials. But the point of the matter is that if we cannot do the whole thing it is better to settle for doing part of it. Our rational product has increased if we make half of a car than to import the whole thing.
The discovery of stemmed engines in the industrial time produces a lot of prospects to the people. Many were planning to work for a better product which provides an immediate income. In the middle of discoveries, new sources of energy were used to maintain the development of the industrial products. There was a transformation as regards the ways of handling the work, from manual labor the quality of work has been achieved through the use of modern machines. The factory production leads the country into the centralization of works. The manufacturers applied different forms of making the products accessible by maintaining its specialization power. Thus, there was a concrete transition from agricultural to industrial development.
The improvement continues, as the informational development emerged. The process of progress became tangible and modern equipments start to move from high tech to further innovations in the field of communication and media. The literary skills were boost to provide more privileges for all. Factory production increases the demand of modern equipments in order to improve the present facilities. From the occurrence of factory production everything seems to change and their phases and faces. There is a rapid change also as regards the mode of living.
Modern technology is machinery that makes life easier. The facilities became reachable and advanced. For example, microwave ovens cook food easily without using stoves and making a big mess. And dishwashers put all dirty dishes into the dishwasher and it washes them. Dishwashers are very easy to use and save time comparing it in the old fashion way. Today technology is very important in society because it makes life easier to live on and not time consuming. A lot of people now, lived in a comfortable environment where technology could do everything for them. Another thing is that technology has created multiplicity in employment. Today without a degree or certificate young people cannot have or get their job. This is usually the problem for those who don’t go to school, uneducated, and unqualified. The only job they’ll be able to get is in a fast food restaurant or in a warehouse or a very low paying job. Most qualified people who have good education and degree of some sort live a very happy life with good salary. For example, doctors and lawyers. Technology today has indeed showed good results. I can’t imagine how life would be like if there were no technology. It is technology that has created wide varieties of opportunities for skilled and unskilled workers. For example winery factories, people who build the machines that are used in a winery were very qualified and had the ability to create them. And those who are unskilled get to use them. It’s very interesting that most people don’t look at technology this way and how it helps them. Another thing is that technology is very important in medical facilities. If someone who is very sick and needs a kidney transplant or if the other patient is in the stage of critical because of ruptured appendicitis how could the doctors operate? Well they certainly won’t get the kidney out from the donor and putting in on the patient. The doctors have to rely on machines the technologies to guide them. Without those modern medical equipment we or any other person in the world won’t get the best care or treatment if we were sick. Also without technology we wouldn’t have known much about many things. Today the use of technology is tremendous. Almost every home has a computer and a way of communication like the telephone. Every home has stoves and microwaves. Most have cable television. Well to some people technology is the only way for them to depend on for survival. I have learned that technology plays a huge role in every person’s life. For better or worse for the good or bad technology has always been there for us. And it’s true that technology has helped us in lots of ways. The use of technology today has made people think harder to encourage them to create other technology that will benefit us in the future for survival, employment, education, health, etc. Technology could be the best thing that ever happened to us. It’s possible that the future generation might depend on technology for survival because parent’s today doesn’t want their kids to go through what they went through in life. So I think that technology makes like easier. The people believed that past is past. If they suffered much with the simple living before, now, with the benefits of the advancement they remain to be in the modern technology enjoying the comfort they could get from the twist of modern times.
The three revolutions that happened, causes a great impact in the present times. Everybody knows that election is fast approaching and a lot of preparations are also expected. The election 2010 in the Philippines is what the majority of the Filipino peoples most awaited part of the country’s victory. I know most of the Filipinos are already tired and fed up of the present administration, cover ups with so many unveiled issues and controversies. The Philippines present situation now is in great corruption, and greed is pervasive and masses or people experiencing serious poverty and injustice. We need a leadership that can turn the current hopelessness of the people in the current administration to a better one.
We need to empower the people of their sovereign right granted by our constitution which has been widely and boldly violated and we became and enslaved by the rich and powerful. To me, I am in great despair to the Presidentiables who are coming up to be popular and are top notch in the surveys, but the same people of our traditional politicians who will only continue the celebration of corrupt government. So, who can be the right persons to lead us this time?
In the Philippines, though we are keeping abreast in technology and science, but there is no equal growth in people’s morals. There is an apparent decadence in moral degradation that brought us to current status, the number three corrupt Nation in Asia. How could we subdue the ailments both in private and public sectors? Who can initiate the needed change in our Motherland? We need to act right now. The right action we make will embody the person we have. But if we remain in our natural person, it is waste, waste of resources and waste of life to us, as Filipinos. We will just submit ourselves to the power of corrupt officials. If we cannot uphold the good moral certitudes and fight the wishes of the devil, we would see ourselves in great damnation.
We are the Filipino people from different walks of life. We must advocate ourselves in order to devote our intellect, energy and courage to building a better society devoid of corruption, inequality and social justice. We are the hope that fosters active participation in nation- building, good governance and change. In general, we play a pivotal role in ushering in significant changes in history. We have always been at the forefront of uprisings and revolutions every time the social, political and economic conditions in society became too intolerable for Filipinos to endure.
In the past eight years of Arroyo administration, we are always amongst the most vigilant and vocal against issues of electoral fraud, corruption and plunder, human rights violations, tyranny and social injustice causing poverty, hunger and indecent living conditions to the people. In order to fully realize this, I appeal to everybody to work hand in hand with one another.
Finally, I look forward to the bigger things that lie ahead in the future. As early as now, we pledge to work for a transparent and clean 2010 elections that will realize the clamor for good governance and change. We are set to embark on a nationwide responsibility to register for the election, so that we could exercise our right to vote by choosing the authentic officials to govern us. We join in conducting an educational campaign about the proper way of voting and aim to mobilize the broadest number of young Filipinos to register, vote and guard the 2010 ballot. I do believe change is bound to happen if and we strive for it.

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