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Is Noynoy the hope of the Philippines?

By : Reynard Tubid

The Philippines present situation now is in great corruption. Greediness is all-encompassing and masses of people are experiencing serious poverty and injustice. With this existing feature of our country do we still have the courage to dream? I know even though we are confronted with a lot of problems, still we remain hopeful and optimistic that there would still be a brighter tomorrow that awaits us. So, who can be the right person who could lead us?
It was my pleasure to be given a chance to critique the write ups of our sociology teacher. Looking upon the weekly paper of the Candle Light, dated September 20-26, 2009, I was tasked to give my own understanding and analysis regarding the article written by William E. Esposo. In his writings he specified 7 points to ponder on and to come up with a profound understanding regarding the important details in the character of Noynoy. But this paper will cover only five arguments as a reference of my evaluation. Furthermore, the added explanation follows:
1. Noynoy has much better preparation for leadership than Cory when she took over the mantle of leadership from Ninoy.
This particular sentence projects the capacity of Noynoy in leadership. He was trained how to make certain decisions and outcomes whenever he holds a position. In the very nature of Noynoy, he is a type of a person who knows how to handle the responsibility given to him. During the dictatorship of Pres. Marcos, Ninoy was already a member of the society who sternly cares for the welfare of the Filipino people. Noynoy at the very young age, discover within himself the capacity to stand out. He was transformed by his own environment. He gains the courage to fight for his own right as it was been inspired by his father’s passion to lead and to direct the sentiments of the people for the betterment of all. Thus, I firmly believe that Ninoy has much better preparation than of his mother because his experiences molded him to become one.
2. Nonoy like Cory, does not have a single scandal hounding him.
Noynoy as a son of Cory grew up with a strong foundation of respect to his fellowman. He acquires the right conduct, the way his parents would treat their opponents in the politics. The legacy his mother left in the country was democracy. It means there will be an absolute observance of peace and harmony in the relationship. Maybe Noynoy was influenced with the ideology of his exemplar mother. Even his father doesn’t execute harsh action for those who will not join for them. They don’t want to hold somebody’s right. The only means to make the country productive is by way of absolute freedom for all. Noynoy inherited the positive outlook he possess from his parents. He was fostered well by the good example and excellent virtues. Thus, I conclude that Noynoy is a product of the noble deeds. His sincerity of heart comes from the good actions he performed.
3. Who better to inherit the Ninoy and Cory mantle of leadership than one with the genes of Ninoy and Cory?
If there is something apt for the position of leading the people I suggest Noynoy could perform the demands of the country. Since his father would like him to become a leader, they prepared Noynoy to remain a competitive one. His leadership helps him to extend the possibility of being a model after the people.
4. If money and political machinery are your concerns, know that you need the money and machinery if you do not yet have the numbers that showed up and registered their sentiments that they want another leader like Cory. With those numbers that showed up for the wake and funeral of Cory, despite the bad weather and the availability of live TV coverage, Noynoy will not be wanting for the wherewithal to win.
This statement signifies the imperfect sense of radiance in familiarity. I am not convinced with the notion that during the death of Cory, Noynoy achieved familiarity over the activity. The people those times were in great grief and sorrow not because of the affectionate attachment of Noynoy with the occasion but because of the death of the late President Cory Aquino. The center of the occasion dwells on the importance of the service that the late President rendered in order to create an impact in the development of morality and as well as to reached the goal of democracy over the dictatorship. In deeper sense, Noynoy took his part as a son who heeds in the situation of his beloved mother. His familiarity with the people was greatly appreciated so much so he decided to run for the Presidency.
At this point I am not closing the leeway that Noynoy in the expediency was able to benefit something out of the sympathy of the people for the death of his mother. As far as I could remember Noynoy during those times were present in all the events, either in the hospital or in the senate. The death of his mother ignites his passion to lead again the people for a better leadership, and a productive development.
5. All the present presidential candidates can only offer how much better they can govern over their rivals. Noynoy brings an ideological factor into the equation the same ideological factor that enabled a housewife to beat the dictator in 1986.
In this argument Noynoy brings back an ideology which no other rival has is worth noting Filipinos look at personhood after all. Basing it upon the three types of power, I decided to choose traditional power and charismatic authority. Why? The Aquino family, starting with Ninoy fashioned a strong foundation of respect among the Filipinos. He fought for what is just and noble. He defended the rights of the people against the greedy politicians. His heroic actions marked the consciousness of the Filipinos to share their deep admirations and trusting him that he could lead the people to a peaceful life. When Corazon Aquino won for the Presidency she was able to restore the essence of democracy in the heart of every Filipinos. Many offer their salute because of her dedicated service and for making the country again free from the bondage of slavery. Thus, it escorts everybody to give a corresponding value for all the deeds she performed coming from her genuine heart. She was able to fulfill the hopes and dreams of the Filipinos. Hence, every Filipino exulted for a dream come true. They believed there was still hope.
Her exemplary works created a deep impact in their image before the public. It shows the way of following the Charismatic Activity. The moment we see Noynoy, the usual thing that registers in our mind is the realization of his being a good son to his parents. This innate virtue leads people to familiarize him. Aside from that, we entertain also the achievements and success of Noynoy in the promulgated bills he has passed to create sustainability assistance for the beneficiaries of the project. Above all, Noynoy has approved already several acts that will help nurture the involvement of the people. Some of his works are the following: Champion of Human Rights and People’s Participation. At the heart of all legislative and policy-making initiatives is the development and welfare of the people. Developing the Integrity of the Senate. The series of scandals that stain the reputation of our government has also challenged the Senate of the Philippines as an institution. Senator Aquino firmly stands with his fervor not tolerating those corrupt personalities.
“I want to make democracy work, not just for the rich and well-connected, but for everybody,” he answered when asked about his governance platform. He segued into a discussion of a couple of his pet peeves: the proliferation of erroneous text books come school opening each year, which he described as a tragedy that he would aim to correct if elected; and, the slow delivery of justice in the country, citing the hidden wealth of the Marcoses as an example. He added that solving these issues require strong political will.
Philippine Daily Inquirer
In all probability, Noynoy has been compared constantly to his parents in the past. It’s a situation that he will have to endure all the more as a presidential candidate, and it’s inevitable that even not so pleasant points during Ninoy and especially Cory’s respective political lives would be brought up.
These are few only among those aims he wanted for our country. The acts and laws he has passed illustrated his capacity to assert with conviction and truth. The charisma of being a son of the great politicians reflects in his identity, hoping that he will preserve the dignity and pride of his parents who shared everything for the country.
“Sa ganitong pagkakataon marahil ang mga pangarap ng mga Pilipino ay mabibigyan ng katuturan kung mananatiling mabuti ang anak ni Cory na si Noynoy.”
Noynoy, is not a famous politician. Others have long experience, at the same time they are in public interest because they are controversial people and unfortunately most of them were involved in the dirty politics, corruption, greed and monopoly of powers. Under the situation of the Philippines now where great problems are dominant, we need change. We need a leadership that can turn the current hopelessness of the people in the current administration to a better one. We need to empower the people of their sovereign right granted by our constitution which has been widely and boldly violated and we became victims and enslaved by the rich and powerful. Is Noynoy the hope of the Philippines? I hope so, may he remain always firm with his ideologies and aims that will benefit the entire Philippines.
I know this is not yet the end of everything we can dream again as a country. We do not loss our hope for a brighter prospect. There is always a blue sky after tomorrow. If we fail, we learn to correct the mistakes we made.

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