Monday, March 22, 2010

A Journey into Oneness by: Reynard Tubid

It was Thursday morning and the sun started to shine already when we went up the path going to Brgy. Igcabugao. Everybody was excited to reach the place of our destination. As I walked into the destination, I could saw the places below surrounded by green grass, shaded by the leaves of the trees, and look up at the wide blue sky and my heart smiled and I felt the joy of sensing the presence of the ultimate God. The one who created all things visible and invisible and especially me as human. In nature, I sensed the visible nature of God. With the chirping of birds, I am urged to offer a song of praise and worship for the Lord. As I adored God, He touched my heart and revealed Himself to me in a very special way - that was, in nature, our environment. Besides these pleasant surroundings, that includes the forests and unique sceneries, the sun that strikes over my sensitive skin. I realized a diverse kind of intensity inside every time I gazed on those things. Furthermore, I am also reminded of God's goodness and faithfulness in my life. God is good and He puts a song of praise in this heart of mine.
This universe of ours will remain incomplete without the presence of the created person like me. I have a very significant mission to fulfill in order to create completion into the real presence of the world from where I belong. My mere presence was not a guarantee that will make the world worthy as it was in the beginning. It was in the love and intelligence that the world gained and received the profusion it has. My conscious presence as a being gives light into the movement of the world and the important things around it. One concrete experience I had during the metaphysical journey was that I tried my very best to invigorate my mind and be nourished by the intelligence and appreciation that came from the environment. While taking several steps going to the final destination, I refused of becoming ignorant about the presence of the nature. However, I get hold into the presence of my mind and let the occurrence of mother earth enthuse me through her encompassing love. I felt my intelligence was completed when the love that came from the womb of the mother earth enveloped me and eventually regenerated that intelligence to become a reserved energy to surpass the obstacles along my way. From this comprehension I arrived into the conclusion that intelligence being poured out by the love of the mother earth results into a vigor to fight against the impediments that will block me in my journey.
As human faculty is concern I am not a mere spectator during the journey. I am not there simply to watch and observe the environment but most especially I was there to meditate on the real essence of my existence as being in the universe. As a rational being my role in the journey was to work with God in nurturing new images in the transformation of my fellow being. I served as a reflection of the nature by showing to my co-journeyers what it takes to become collaborator of God’s work and love. In my journey I learned not only to form myself but primarily to nurture the person I have and of my companions as a whole. The metaphysical journey was a venue in helping each one of us to see God’s intimate love by sharing to others the significant things I have acquired and absorbed. I myself could establish the important growth I am looking for by referring back into the source of my very existence. I always bear it in mind that in this journey I am not only the one taking the road but I have my companions with me doing the exact actions in finding the meaning of what we were doing. Of course God was the center of our pilgrimage. His inimitable face and presence can be found everywhere- be it in the people who helped us or the persons we met along the way. But we have seen the visible presence of God through the nature. Standing from the very top of the mountain, I could not stop myself in letting my eyes be filled with the tears that were coming from the joy it brought to me. Of course, in order to avoid the embarrassment I did it secretly and passionately. Indeed, God was so magnificent and awesome in sharing with us the vast coverage of His blessings.
There was something indispensable about my presence in the journey of the material universe home to its Source. Without my presence as an intelligent man, the material universe on its own would remain totally unconscious of the great circle of being, of its being drawn back toward its Source, and of its own secret goal. Without the spiritual intelligence and will it could neither recognize God as its goal nor unite itself with Him by love. Only the being endowed with intelligence and will can be united directly with God. The universe and the environment in particular need a mediator, a bridge builder between earth and heaven. The environment from where I belong was useless if I failed to recognize it. The environment achieved its importance the moment I take active response on it. The act of recognition was the concrete manifestation of one’s existence. If the being recognizes the environment, the environment became alive. I am the one leading them closer to the ultimate Source. I am the mediator, the one serving as a bridge to connect the nature and it’s Source. With the help of spiritual intelligence and will I became more unswervingly united with God. The environment I treasured became a world inside my mind and heart. It was an intertwined process of letting my mind and heart worked through the influence of the aesthetic that directly appeared from the environment. My journey in the universe as a whole refer back again to its Source with conscious appreciation, gratitude and love. It was in my consciousness that the universe went back into its Source.
When we were not yet on the way going to Igcabugao, I did not mind the beauty of the surrounding. There was no enthusiasm in me to know and to search the hidden beauty of the place. But when I reached the middle of our journey, I gradually felt the transformation of the whole surrounding. At first it was a scattered place but when I meditated on the mystery of God’s love in nature there was a great conversion that happened. The elevated position from where I am situated enabled me to see how it all fits together, making a single overall pattern. From the high place the surrounding becomes clearer and they all weave together to form a whole. The high place depicted a unity between the river and the green trees. It viewed a foretaste of God’s existence and a symbolic representation of his ultimate love to human race. All things fit together to make an integrated meaning. As the nature fits together the silence created a metaphysical bent of mind on me. The overall hidden harmony of the nature could possibly be absorbed the moment I listened carefully into the voice that was coming from within. Something was in my mind that I learned to reconcile in the nature. It was also from this journey that I picked this line which somehow motivated me to continue the journey. In silence a unique wisdom emerged as it entered the sensitive and essential part of my body.

The nature and the being meet together in the presence of God. The existence of the being comes from the consciousness that was coming from God. The being as granted with the faculty to think received the capacity to comprehend and appreciate God’s goodness through the nature. As the man exists the nature that was present into his consciousness exists also and became a living creature. From this outlook we could perceive the notion that was happening and the oneness of the being into the nature going to God as the Source. The nature could not stand alone without the being. The being will not exist without the Source. Thus, it is an interrelationship of the nature, the being and the Source. God as the Source of all reveals himself into the being. The being is embraced by the love coming from the nature and the goodness that overflows. The being by inner dynamism of its act of existence, overflow its action by self-manifestation and a self- communication through sharing one’s being into the perfection of the nature. This is a self-giving as a form of revelation of the generosity that was rooted in the very nature of the being itself. Indeed, it was the journey of the being from one and back into the One. Every person has its corresponding journey; my metaphysical journey shaped me to become a person not only in name but also a being into one. I learned that there is always diversity in every unique experience. It needs only self-giving in order to find God’s plan and the beauty of the nature from within. In the end I could say, Ang lahat ng bagay ay magkaugnay. Our oneness is inhabited from the Ultimate Source and eventually all of us will go back into the mantle of the One who made us.

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