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“Mabuhay, Pius XII… continue to share with each other the love of the risen Lord!”

“Mabuhay, Pius XII… continue to share with each other the love of the risen Lord!”
By: Reynard Tubid
Last October 11, 2009, Pius XII Institute celebrated its 50th foundation day, with the theme: “Mabuhay, Pius XII… Pag-alagad… Padayon!” The activities started with a registration. There were 450 alumni who attended the activities. After the registration the lauds or the Morning Prayer followed. The alumni once again reminisced their experiences in the institute, especially the spiritual enrichment. They have recalled the memorable moments of praying the rosary, doing the meditation and most especially having the Holy Eucharist.
When the Morning Prayer has ended, Msgr. Ramon Pet, the Chairman of the Archdiocesan Commission on Catechetics and Catholic Education gave his opening remarks. During the sharing, Msgr. Pet became emotional. While tears run down his face, he said “Pius is not only a building but it is a person.” This particular line created a big crash in the hearts of every alumnus. Majority of the alumni bowed their heads and started to wipe the tears that were falling in their face. It was the time when everybody observed great silence. From the bottom of their hearts they felt God was touching them.
As the dramatic moment unfolds, the small group sharing started. It was divided by batch. They were the modular, the students coming from the High School and the one graduated in College. It was the exciting part of the activity, everybody shared their own experiences and memorable moments. Among those experiences they have selected the dominant result of their stay in their beloved Alma Mater. For many years they have been in school, they have already gained a lot of good deeds that somehow helped them in their present life. The spiritual life in the Pius XII taught them how to be more dedicated in their personal relationship with the Lord. The Academic life edified them how to become competitive persons in different aspects of learning. Thus, what they have now was a gift given by God and the portals of the Pius XII witnessed this great transformation.
When the sharing was over, the alumni ate their lunch and enjoyed the company of one another. While eating their lunch the Masters of the Ceremony: namely Mrs. Terry Torrico-Militar and Mr. Bonifacio Camilon, picked the name of those who won for the raffle. The happiness of gaining something was evidently manifested during those times. The income for the raffle tickets will go for the fund of the alumni. For them it was a great venue of camaraderie and knowing each other intimately.
The Eucharistic Celebration summarizes the whole event. It was presided by the Auxillary Bishop Gerardo Alminaza, D.D. During the celebration Bishop Alminaza said “change falter, but the love of the Lord will still be the same.” This was the challenge of the beloved bishop for them. The love for each other will continue to be strong and firm. It must not be celebrated during alumni day but rather it is etched from the bottom of their hearts. Though the building has changed, the love of God for them will still remain.
“Mabuhay, Pius XII… continue to share with each other the love of the risen Lord!”

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