Sunday, March 14, 2010


A selected text from the
Crito by: Plato
Reynard Tubid

Socrates does not think that harm of the soul is self- evidently evil. Instead, he thinks that we want to avoid crippling and chronically painful diseases. When the body is corrupted by injustice, life is not worth living. So, when the soul is corrupted by injustice, life is not worth living. But because the soul is more valuable than the body, injustice is an ever greater evil than chronic and debilitating disease.
Socrates clarifies the point concerning why one should avoid always injustice by making explicit how it conflicts with what we ultimately value, namely what he here calls living well. What we have valued most, he says, is not living but living well, and living well is the same thing as living justly. Socrates in his writings valued happiness to avoid the injustice. This is because we value our happiness more than anything else.
Socrates notes that we cannot deny the many things evil can do to us. But because many can harm the body, and the soul is more important than the body, it is more important. The argument shows that if one had to choose between no longer having even the prospect of a life that is lived well and not living at all, they should choose the latter.
The whole argument dwells on the reality that a person could live life as it is. But it should live according to its importance and essence. The lived life requires a person to give his whole being to the fullest. He must scrutinize it in order to get the eidos of its origin. The dictum of Socrates would say that an unexamined life is not worth living. Thus, life is useless if we just dwell on the benefits it could give us but rather it must be lived according to its value. Hence, in practicing the wellness of our lives we gain fulfillment on it. The more we make it happy the bigger the possibility that we become perfect holder of ones life.
The journey of living well is very hard to attain but it is the way towards the real green pasture of happiness. We have to denounce our earthly pleasures in order for the soul to reach its fullness again. If we let go the earthly desires in us, I know, we could reach the ultimate happiness. In the ultimate happiness we receive enough wisdom and knowledge to do right act. Then with our whole mind, heart and soul strive to do every step to attain it. And by doing so, we attain God who is the eternal and pure happiness from love. God is all we need to have to be truly and purely happy.

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