Sunday, March 14, 2010


A vote…for a change
By: Reynard Tubid

To my fellow Filipinos, a pleasant day to all of you. We are once again gathered as one nation to listen, understand and act initiatively to protect our rights and privileges. This gathering of ours mirrors our great concern for this nation. We become restless with the present situation we have. For about two years and a half our patience and loyalty to the nation are tested. We often heard news about political insurgency resulting to multiple crimes and grievous anomaly in the government position. We are alarmed and moved with these catastrophes which caused us to remain silent and ignorant about the reality. The disturbance we experienced does not only trigger our involvement in the government but also our responsibility and freedom as a whole. I know for sure we are all tired and unalleviated by these facts. Maybe we usually ask ourselves regarding the contribution we could impart for the regeneration of the country. For a long time I have observed that getting down and down. We let the pessimistic spirit within us triumph over optimistic. When did the right time wherein we could experience life in satisfaction. Our right to attain the freedom of speech is being impeded due to political cruelty. Every words we utter and actions we made contain heavy consequences which sometimes lead us into the threshold of death. In order to play safe, we usually remain tranquil and deaf even if we are not. Fear is the principal feeling that chains us to exert effort and defend for the truth. Once we are block in this momentum of feeling we let everything finds its own way. We tend not to express for expression for means death and astray. Despite this fearful inclination do we ever ask ourselves what we can do for the country? What are the solutions for these problems? What we voice out and defend our rights by means of clean and honest election. Can we not do for the future of the next generation? I know we could do it; we need only to become resilient and courageous enough to flame the wick of success. To encourage us more, I suggest everyone must participate actively in the upcoming election. This is the only weapon we could use against the vindictive politician. If join together our efforts, I believe we could form a strong and firm society. I myself could not do it but we can make a change.

Our livelihood programs were stopped because the government has experienced an extremely severe economic failure. Limited opportunities were given to those who want to work but they did not attain such privileges because of ruthless incompetence in the governance. Our present situation mirrors the past experiences we have during the Spanish Regime. We have so many problems unsettled; like for example the loss of job opportunities because of the limited education, the information of having something become accessible and easy to those proficient in learning, the deprived were not given proper consideration and for a long time they still wait for the care and homage from the government. The problems of the country are getting worst as time advanced in its speed. Recently, we faced an insurgency due to political selfishness and interest. The Maguindanao massacre for one is the concrete example of the on going political strife. The rich people become richer and the poor remain poor forever. The graft and corruption throughout the government are very prevalent. Where can we experience total freedom? Is change still the best for us? How could we manifest our identity as Filipinos? What would be the best solution to this problem? Do we still need another election in order to renew again the countenance of our country? We always hope of a simple and sanctified process of clean and free elections. But still the oppressive officials, dishonest, contemptuous administration and bad government itself block us to attain this dream. We went always to fight for justice, for the common good and for the restoration of dignity and the integrity of the Filipino people, with pure hearts, without malice, with serene faith in the righteousness of our conviction to have a brighter tomorrow. We had immense confidence in wisdom and courage for everyone. We, the voters of this nation, from our own hands we placed the foundation of the country, the foundation of the united God, the foundation which, then as now, but only more urgent, was and is the cause of good and honest government under a regime of justice and freedom for all Filipinos, both big and small alike. We know for a long years, the country have been victimized by the electoral fraud. The votes of the people were not looked upon as sacred and significant. The corrupt and greedy officials considered only their own well-being without giving a just and equal treatment to the dignity of the voters. When it is time of election, the candidates are fully clad with sincerity, service and profound humility. A lot of promises were given to the people who were inept of understanding about their self-centered motives placed in the pledge of loyalty. But after they won in the election, everything they have promised modify and turned into mere dreams. The promises become a promise forever. The projects they have planned served as propaganda to catch our attention. In short, they considered us as an object of their governance. We are not the priority but a dummy who can easily be deceived with their brilliant words and actions. I know we are in the state of trauma, hatred and regrets in the present moment. We blame ourselves if the politicians whom we have voted won and failed to fulfill the things they have uttered before us. Today as we about to prepare ourselves for the election, we hope that we become more vigilant and stern in choosing the right person to serve for our future. We need a leadership that will not talk much, but shall labor hard in the heat of the day, who will release and empty propaganda; who will be capable of stimulating our waning pride in this country, in our capacity to conquer as we seek an honored place and a good name among nations. We need to have the kind of leadership that can rouse the people, who have begun to slacken in their patriotic ardor into fresh feats on unselfish devotion to the Fatherland; who can at the same time inflame the hearts of everybody. We need an incorruptible leadership that shall inflict no test but merit and honesty, which shall recognize no standards except those of sincerity and true devotion to the public welfare, which shall never forget those who served faithfully.
It is a humiliating spectacle for us, Filipinos, and for us voters of this nation, of having exercised our ingenuity and to muster all the resources at our command merely to reduce a deceived tendency to steal an election through terrorism and fraud, and to try extricating the power of the dishonest and corrupt public officials. In the midst of confusion obtaining under the fear of election, the Filipino citizens are called upon to take vigilant and courageous public action. We must claim always to our right of self-expression and self-direction. We have to voice out the sentiments we have, in order to toil towards the development of the nation. Our democracy would then be ready to face the threat of the enemy in disguise. Among nations, or among individuals, the first problem to solve is the rampant misused of absolute right during the elections. Once this problem is solved, I am sure we could build a strong foundation towards the threshold of success. Our responsibilities as voters are greater than before. Let us give wise counsel and guidance to the uneducated, served as a good example of honesty and virtue in the public service. Verily, we need leadership that will make the elected officials an ideal Filipino citizen, loyal, intelligent and courageous. Our honest and sacred votes can change the whole nation. Vote wisely!

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