Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Mist

Reynard Tubid

The movie which we have watched depicts the reality of the society today. Upon reflecting on the scenes contained in every part of the movie I could sense that there are some existing characteristics, situations and circumstances that could be used in comparing it with the present civilization. There are a lot of attempts in the society that will ruin its importance and worth to everybody. The mist, for me, is the representation of a great problem that will cover up its whole function. In this, reflection paper I will dwell more on the comparison of the movie basing it in the specific situation of the country. In the first part of the movie, I have seen there the movement in the production of the prime commodities. The setting of the movie presented that the mode of living was govern with the use of money as the basis of owning something. Money serves three purposes. It means of exchange, it is the method of payment in order to buy something, and it is a standard of value. Trade now a day has vastly increased with its production and supply. This is because money serves as means in taking into action all the negotiation that is happening. Going back to its relation in the movie, the department store needs money in order to generate its production. The people who are buying goods needs money to cater their every day living. In this definite situation money is very important to sustain the necessity of the family. The money being used will automatically rotate in order to balance the growth of the society. At the same time, the market has expanded its range of applicability in the society. In short, money brought about profound changes in the institution of the society. Money is one of the shatteringly simplifying ideas of all time, and like any other idea it crates its own revolution. Thus, the supply of the store became productive because of the good income that it produces. The number of income affects the salary of the employee. If there will be good income, the salary increases and the needs of the family are accommodated. Though money is just a simple thing but its importance has an effect on the institution in the society.
Second point, religion is very dominant in times of danger. This was testified by the case of Mrs. Carmody when an insect land in front of her, she kept on praying fervently and suddenly the insect flew away instead of delivering a fatal sting. Indeed faith will set the person free. Religion is the cultural knowledge of the supernatural that people use to cope with the ultimate problems of human existence. In this definition, the term supernatural refers to the realm beyond normal experience. In the movie, Mrs, Carmody illustrates the concreteness of the situation. She became insane because of the tragedy. It was not just a normal tragedy. Rather, it was a great catastrophe that causes the people to panic and eventually to fall into psychological defect. Ultimate problems like this, on the other hand, emerge from the universal features of human life and include life’s meaning, death, evil and values. People everywhere wonder why they are alive, why they must die, and why evil strikes some individuals and not others. In every society, people’s personal desires and goals may conflict with the values of the larger group. Religion often provides a set of values that override differences and unify the group. An aspect of religion that is difficult to comprehend is its link to emotion. Ultimate problems are more appropriately seen as deep-seated emotional needs. Religious activity and belief find it harder to get a religion’s deeper meanings and personal feelings.
To achieve any goal, there is always a risk involved. In the movie many risked their lives in order to find solution to the problem. The death for them was a reward of their labor. If their lives will be wasted because of the monster, they would prefer to die than to see themselves suffering from too much fear and anxieties. Doing nothing at this stage is a big cowardice in the part of the person. Everybody must do their respective role in order to find means on how to surpass the problem. In the present situation, among the Filipinos, whenever the calamity strikes the whole nation, a lot of voluntary help is expected to come. A lot of people are helping not only financially but also even to the extent that they will offer their life just to prove that they care with each other.
In times of serious problems, a rigid decision making is made. Society will not grow and become productive if it fails to pass a rigorous process of making resolutions for the enhancement of the nation. But it is not easy to achieve the success of the nation. Indeed it was proved by the movie. When insects attacked the whole store, the people inside started to panic. A lot of them were screaming, some were running and finding a safe place to hide. David Drayton serves as the head of the group. He was the one giving the command and the necessary steps to do. Even though, he decided to become the leader of the group there are still some who doesn’t agree with his ideas. There are groups who aimed to kill those who were helping David. This was the moment when David felt that the situation started to become distorted.
Therefore, to become a leader in a certain nation, you need to have patience and understanding so that you would gain the sympathy of the group. At first, the existence of war and other kinds of disagreement will occur but later on you’ll realize that it worth it. A leader must remain resilient in times of dangers and trials. Lastly I was touched with the solidarity of the people. Solidarity means a deep faith in your companions, in their ability to come together and link arms around, in their capacity to transform opportunities out of risks and create responsibilities out of difficult situations. Solidarity is power with, and not over, people. It takes the hand of the other companion to gain and to give strength, to move forward together.

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